Model No 96 No 125
Inlet dia. Ø 50 mm Ø 65 mm
Filter dia. Ø 96 mm Ø 125 mm
Total watt 2 heating zone
1200W*6 pcs heaters
2 heating zone
2500W*6 pcs heaters
Capacity/ PP 250 ~ 700 KG 600 ~ 1300 KG

  • Interruption free filter replacement.
  • Low pressure difference for stable and continuous production during filter replacement.
  • Maintain 75% filtering area during filter replacement and backwash.
  • Safety cover design improves operator safety.
  • Automatic backwash and exhaust function for cutting filter replacement loss, operating requirements and scrap reduction.
  • High wear-resistance, high pressure resistance, high-precision filter design provides effective filtering area and filter quality.
  • Materials : most polymer.
  • Application : suitable for recycle, granulation, packing tape and film.