R angle image measuring instrument

R angle image measuring instrument—DS-3NL

1.Small size and light weight, easy for operation.

2.Magnification can be 450X (max.), clear image, offset the difference of magnification between

Metallographic and stereo microscope.

3.LED light source, provide different angle illumination.

4.Connection of PC to take photo or video is available, with gauge software for measuring different type, such like as point, linear, round, arc, distance or angle etc.

5.Applied on huge, heavy workpiece, such as PCB, embossing roller, production line or monitor system etc.

6.Image result is similar with stereo microscope (under dark field)

7.Resolution of DS-3N is 0.41 mega pixel, magnification range is from 1-230X


It is used for gauge extrusion die lip, ensure the angle is qualified.