Extrusion Dies

Providing various of extrusion dies and co-extrusion dies, such like as sheet, film and lamination dies, including manual die and auto-die . Design based on customer inquiry, customized is available, taking several deckle systems and adjusting bolts for change products width and thickness.

Sheet Dies

Composed of simple structure and segment with diversified adjustment methods. Suitable for single and multi- layers configuration in terms of customer ‘s polymer property.

Foam Sheet Dies

Plate sheets composite lightweight preferred

Hollow Die

Multi-patent protected design, anti-UV, layered and colored, stable air volume adjustment, best choice of high value

Lamination Dies

Fast width adjustment, reduced wastes due to trimming, stable output with constant thickness, the favorite of color craftsmanship

Automatic Die

For sheet, film and lamination extrusion line, automatic bolts system can be used on manual extrusion dies and with feedback thickness scanner device for fine adjustment.

Operators can switch manual and automatic model for production. Automatic die online fine-tuning is available, controlling thickness accurately, improving quality of multi-layers sheet or film, mainly application are optical sheets and film, lamination for food package.

Meltblown Dies

Separate die lip design, hot air can be blown out from the lip evenly to get the best fiber yarn