Extrusion Peripherals

Besides extrusion dies, we supply extrusion peripherals for best solution to sheet, film or lamination extrusion production lines, such like as screen changers, gear pump, coextrusion feedblock, static mixer, flange etc.


Suitable for processing multilayer and multicolor coextrusion of polymers with similar flow rate and processing temperature.

Screen Changer

By a whole pack of filtering components,unmelted

Slide screen changer

Slide movement design, with hydraulic system for easy operation, it is the simplest and basic screen changer system for extrusion lines.

Dual screen changer

Dual filer for high quality performance, no need to stop for replacing mesh, providing several options device for enhancing efficacy, dual screen changer is absolutely the necessary device and the first choice for extrusion lines.

High efficiency screen changer

Design for high capacity extrusion or high percent recycle polymers usage, providing the maximize filter area, with back-flush function, improving more efficiency and reduce cost.

other type screen changer

Special design for lab machine, lamination extrusion line or special extrusion lines application, such like as candle type with pressure adjusting for lamination, manual with lever gear type for lab extrusion lines etc.